December 28, 2020 The Hideout has moved

The Hideout has moved

A quick shout out and thank you to everyone who has been with us on our journey over the past 8 years. None of us at Cigar Bandits would have ever imagined being where we are today when we first started the shop in 2013. It goes without saying that there is no way we could have gotten here without each and every one of the Bandits out there and for that Thank You.

Well maybe we could have done without two or three…

Joking aside – as the title implies – Welcome Back to an updated Cigar Bandits, just located about 1000 miles west. We still do online orders, we still try our best to keep the prices as low as possible and above all else – we still care about you enjoying your favorite premium hand rolled cigar.

We are no longer operating out of Missouri but instead have moved west a bit, just between Denver and Colorado Springs in a town called Castle Rock, Colorado. We are also back to where it started – one person trying to make a difference – one purchase at a time.

Perhaps it is our bandit nature and the need to explore, a need to go west and expand as they say. Perhaps it was for the Mountain views or the cleaner air or a more active lifestyle but whatever reason brought us here, we ended up finding a few more opportunities than we had originally expected!

What this means for you all – we are slowly putting everything back to the days of old – Steals Of The Week, 6 Shooter Samplers, Updates From The Hideout and a possibly a thing or two up our sleeve.

For those who used to do business with us – we thank you for your support and for finding us again!

For those new to Cigar Bandits – Follow us on social media, send us an email or give us a call – we would be honored to earn your business!

We hope that you enjoy premium hand rolled cigars, and the history behind them, as much as we do!

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email us at or call/text us directly at 314-698-0102.

Every Cigar Has A Story – Every Smoke A Memory

David Hall – Bandit

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