February 18, 2021 C.B.’s Blog: Cigar Size Basics

C.B.’s Blog: Cigar Size Basics

Especially if you are a seasoned smoker you may say – ‘Of course I know the different sizes, I like Robusto’s more than Churchills’ even though there are a large number who don’t know about a Culebra or Diadema and even more who are unsure of the differences between a Corona vs Petite Corona. Take […]

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January 9, 2021 Cigar Review: Caldwell “Yellow Cake”

Cigar Review: Caldwell “Yellow Cake”

Behind The Stick: In our world of cigars, there are a few things that manufacturers can do to really give us that ‘personal’ experience with their product. One of my favorite of these methods are the event exclusive cigars – not necessarily “you have to be here on the 8th at 6pm to get them” […]

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