Mi Querida



The name Steve Saka is synonymous in the cigar world with great cigars, a faithful following and polished refinement that was earned through decades of hard work. Following his departure from Drew Estate in 2013, Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust was announced in 2015 and started with his debut, Sobremesa, which instantly solidified DTT into many of our humidors.

Mi Querida, which means My Mistress, was released as a medium to full body experience full of strength, coffee, pepper and earthy notes. Complex, high quality and an attention to detail that can best be described as ‘fantastic’.


Gran Bufalo ( Gordo )
7 x 64
10 Cigar Box

Pequeno Pequeno ( Corona )
4 x 44
20 Cigar Box

Gordita ( Short Robusto )
4 x 48
20 Cigar Box

Ancho Corta ( Robusto )
5 x 52
20 Cigar Box

Fino Largo ( Toro )
6 x 48
20 Cigar Box

Ancho Largo ( Toro )
6 x 52
20 Cigar Box

Muy Gordo Grande
6 x 56
20 Cigar Box


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