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While the packaging may be unique and the infused flavor profile apt to match the packaging – if you are a fan of infused cigars, chances are good that you are well aware of the amazing stick Foundation Cigars has produced with a ‘Caribbean Atmospheric Herbal Infusion’.

Using a rare Jamaican “Cow tongue” leaf with aged Nicaragua tobacco, The Upsetters by Foundation Cigar Company is something truly unique unto it self. Nick’s personal appreciation and understanding of the Jamaican country and culture prompted him to focus on bringing Jamaican tobacco back into the cigar world. If you have had the pleasure of enjoying one of The Upsetters, let us know your thoughts!


Para El Sapo Candela ( Pyramid)
4.5 x 54
20 Cigar Box

Ska Connecticut ( Cigarillos )
4 x 32
60 Cigar Box

The Skipper Connecticut ( Pyramid )
4.5 x 54
20 Cigar Box

Zola Maduro ( Toro )
6 x 52
20 Cigar Box

Django Sumatra ( Robusto )
5 x 54
20 Cigar Box

Rock Steady Connecticut ( Churchill )
7 x 48
20 Ciagr Box

The Original Rude boy Maduro ( Gordo )
6 x 60
20 Cigar Box

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Django Sumatra, Para El Sapo Candela, Rock Steady Connecticut, Ska Connecticut, The Original Rude Boy Maduro, The Skipper Connecticut, Zola Maduro


60 Cigar Box, 20 Cigar Box


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