Aging Room Quattro Connecticut



Rafael Nodal’s successes have been numerous and within the Aging Room line the F55 and F55 Maduro have been praised as some of his best work ever. These praises include a 95 rating as well as being listed as the ‘best non-Cuban blend all year’ – those are words not to be taken lightly!

The F55 line has been revamped and the name changed to Quattro with a number of different variations behind this facing including the smoothest of the bunch – the Aging Room Quattro Connecticut. Blended and produced by Rafael and some of the biggest names behind Romeo y Juliet and Montecristo – it is no wonder that this Ecuadorian Connecticut and Dominican filler has been highly praised offering flavors of roasted nuts with a touch of natural sweetness.


Espressivo ( Robusto )
5 x 50
20 Cigar Box

Concerto ( Churchill )
7 x 50
20 Cigar Box

Maestro ( Torpedo )
6 x 52
20 Cigar Box

Vibrato ( Toro )
6 x 54
20 Cigar Box

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20 Cigar Box


Concerto, Espressivo, Maestro, Vibrato


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