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C.B. Dalton doesn’t make it easy to keep the cigar budget in check and with steals like this – you’ll understand why!

The latest 6 shooter sampler comes to us with some high end, boutique and limited edition cigars that should cost you more than $65 but C.B. Dalton gave us strict instructions and told us to let ’em go for $50!


Caldwell Blindmans Bluff Limited Edition 2021 – This Is Trouble – 5 x 52
-If there was ever a rise to success of a manufacturer, Caldwell is a perfect example of building a strong fan base while consistently delivering quality cigars in limited numbers. Continuing with this trend, 2021 comes with a Limited Edition version of the ever popular Blind Man’s Bluff with only 750 boxes of 20 selected to be shipped to the US.

Caldwell Blind Man’s Bluff Limited Edition 2021 is a cigar comprised of long-fillers from the Dominican and Nicaragua, a refined Dominican binder and an alluring Mexican San Andreas wrapper. This blend has been noted to produce flavors of cedar, bread and a subtle sweet spiciness with a distinct finish.


Diesel Crucible Toro Box Press – 6 x 50
-Diesel Crucible Toro Box-Pressed premium handmade cigars will surely be a popular choice among the seasoned aficionados that frequent your cigar store. Forged by the famous cigar master AJ Fernandez and marking the third chapter of Diesel’s ‘Elixir’ series, these 6×50 box-pressed gems are made with an expertly aged core of Nicaraguan Habano binder and long fillers that are seamlessly wrapped in a top-shelf Ecuador Habano wrapper boasting an oily sheen that is smooth to the touch. The resulting smoke has a remarkably smooth full-bodied profile, flooding the palate with notes of nuts, spice, creamy nougat, and sweet tobacco that are perfectly balanced and have good complexity.


Foundation Menelik Petite Robusto – 4.5 x 52
-A name fit for a King – or the Son of a King at least. Menelik – Son to King Soloman and Queen of Sheba – ruler of Ethiopia – whos name translates to Son of the Wise. If you are a fan of Nick Melillo and Foundation Cigars, it is not a stretch to see how their names and blends are intermingled.

Sporting a pigtail cap, the San Andres wrapper holds together a Jalapa Corojo 99 binder and a mixture of Nicaraguan tobaccos from Condega, Esteli and Jalapa. Full bodied and full of flavor – Menelik offers flavor notes of leather, oak, earth and hay with a solid peppery backbone.


La Barba Purple – Lancero 7 x 40
– The people wanted more and that is just what Tony Bellato and Craig Rossi did. A carefully blended addition with assistance from Henderson Ventura and Robert Caldwell, the Ecuadorian HVA Habano wrapper accompanied by a Dominican Corojo binder and a blend of ‘Carbonell’ – a rare Dominican tobacco – gives this cigar a flavor profile of black pepper, wood, toast and a subtle sweet note.

You probably see this cigar in a number of our samplers and for good reason. This cigar has been one of our most requested offerings and the recipient of high praises for years.


Illusione Epernay Serie 2009 10th Anniversary – 6 x 50
– While the original Epernay 2009 received a high 94 rating and Top 25 Cigar of the Year honors, the 10th Anniversary edition follows suit very closely with a small change to the blend. This change has enhanced the complex flavors of the Epernay 2009 with sweetness, white pepper, creaminess, citrus zest and a touch of wood. This pleasant and flavorful medium-bodied smoke may just earn an award or two of it’s own!


RoMa Craft Whiskey Rebellion 1795 – Jefferson / Short Robusto – 4.5 x 52
– RoMa Craft has done it again by producing a cigar that not only is well received and highly enjoyed but comes with a bit of education. In 1791, during George Washingtons Presidency, in an attempt to bolster revenue without causing issues with imported goods taxes Alexander Hamilton – Washington’s Treasury Secretary – applied the first ever tax on domestic goods with the recipient of this tax being all distilled spirits. In 1794 the opposition culminated in a protest – dubbed The Whiskey Rebellion.

Keeping with this fighting spirit – the cigar created is comprised of a stunning Ecuadorian Habano Ligero wrapper, an Indonesian Besuki binder and a painstakingly perfected filler from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. This combination has been toted as producing notes of leather, earth, caramel and a touch of spice on a heavy finish.


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