5 Vegas Classic


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A best seller in many a shop for years, 5 Vegas has been boasting best sales numbers for over two decades after proven quality and consistency and a fan base to support it. Having focused on these traits as well as keeping the price in line – we have to admit that this is one we enjoy often.

Crafted by the master Nestor Plasencia, 5 Vegas Classic is a throwback to the Cuban-seed long-filler blends from Nicaragua and Dominican Republic this cigar boasts flavors of coffee, nuts and gentle spices with a creamy and rich finish. 90 rated and priced right – we are sure you will enjoy!


5.5 x 44
25 Cigar Box

Fifty Five ( Gordo )
5.5 x 55
20 Cigar Box

5 x 50
25 Cigar Box

6 x 54
20 Cigar Box

Double Corona
6 x 48
25 Cigar Box

The Judge ( Gordo )
6 x 60
20 Cigar Box

7 x 52
25 Cigar Box

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20 Cigar Box, 25 Cigar Box


Fifty Five, The Judge, Churchill, Corona, Double Corona, Robusto, Torpedo


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