January 9, 2021 Cigar Review: Caldwell “Yellow Cake”

Cigar Review: Caldwell “Yellow Cake”

Behind The Stick:

In our world of cigars, there are a few things that manufacturers can do to really give us that ‘personal’ experience with their product. One of my favorite of these methods are the event exclusive cigars – not necessarily “you have to be here on the 8th at 6pm to get them” but more of something the company gives out on a regular basis over a few month duration. A few different companies have adopted this bonus item to patrons of events and I have to admit, the buzz around them made them something I had to seek out.

Caldwell Cigars has produced a cigar perfect for this ‘token not a demonstration’ – perhaps a touch on the small side their 4 x 44 event exclusive cigar comes packed in what looks like a folded paper bag with a sticker on the front saying “Caldwell Cigar Co – Yellow Cake – Young, Wild & Free”. Originally remarked as limited production and limited availability the story behind these scrap masterpieces slowly began to fill the ears of Cigar Aficionados around the world. Made with the Dominican Corojo Wrapper that can be found on the infamous Long Live the King and including filler leaves from the Eastern Standard and the King is Dead, this cigar is completely made of ‘scrap’ tobacco.

Some say that is bad, some say it is the direct example of the opposite of wastefulness – I will let that be your decision but I will say, it has caused me to be intrigued. Add to this ‘type’ of cigar the buzz that if one uses their imagination a little the cigar actually tastes like yellow cake… I got two of the 3 packs just to find out! Onto the damn review!

Size: 4 x 44

Wrapper: Dominican Corojo from Long Live the King

Binder and Filler: Scrap tobacco from Eastern Standard & King is Dead

Strength: Medium

Price: Free

Factory / Country of Origin: Tabacalera William Ventura / Dominican Republic

Release Type: Event Exclusive

Release Date: Q4 2014


These little fuckers are tiny – my wife even called them ‘cute’ to give you an accurate representation. Evenly packed although I’ll admit a little on the firm side, these little cakes clipped with ease and took to flame as if that was what they were intended to do. The draw was open but not excessive and the smoke production was significant, producing an impressive blanket of smoke to the room after only just lighting it. Even for being made from the scraps of other cigars, the ash held on well and had a starkling white appearance prior to falling.


As with a lot of cigars from the Dominican, the tangy earthy mineral finish remains true while a peppery sweetness also became apparent right away. Crisp but with a defined finish this tangy sweetness provides a flavor profile I can only remark as ‘unique’. A bready, yeasty perhaps graham cracker flavor came and went with varying puffs mixing well with a slowly building light leather note. The flavors are not the most complex but for a cigar that is short, sweet and to the point – the game is about the richness not the diversity.


There is always going to be a certain level of hype to a cigar – it’s just the way our market seems to be. Whether it is about a person, a story, an experience, a message or a flavor – there is always something that projects the cigar in a certain light. For the Yellow Cake they pulled in a couple different angles from the flavor to the story to the people involved and then threw in a twist, you can only get them from an event. The earthy mineral sweet tang mixed with the bread flavor does give the illusion of a ‘Yellow Cake’ in cigar form but don’t expect to ‘really’ taste the baked goods, which is okay by me.

Half of the fun of this cigar is the hunt to find them in the first place – while you can get them at very reasonable prices from forums or facebook groups at decent prices or even find them from online retail shops as bonuses for getting a Caldwell sampler ( how I ended up getting mine ) after getting delivery of the cigar, some of the ‘fun’ seemed to go away. These cigars are tiny but do burn for a bit considering their size but I still felt… shorted. The flavors were excellent and I’d highly recommend grabbing a pack if you can but I don’t know if they are a cigar that I would want to continually seek out and ‘clear the shelves’.

Have you had a chance to smoke a Yellow Cake from Caldwell Cigars? If so – what did you think?!

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