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C.B.’s Blog: Updates From The Hideout – CyberMonday

Updates From The Hideout! Short sweet and to the point - we have one heck of a Cyber Monday planned and with all the other shops trying to earn your business, we just can't wait to let everyone know! Starting now till end of the day Monday please take 10% off your order, tack on…
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C.B.’s Blog: Thanksgiving

Those of you who have joined our mailing list already know - but C.B. Dalton and those of us at Cigar Bandits want to thank you for your continued support over the past 3 years. To say that is has been a wild ride would be an understatement. As our own personal thank you -…
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Welcome Back!

As the title implies - welcome back to the updated Cigar Bandits! With the new rules and regulations out there and coming down the trail we decided to take a little time to do thing the right way and get the site, our process and back end aspects in compliance and then some! While we…
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