January 2, 2021 C.B.’s Blog: Cigar Review – 1907 Dunhill Toro

C.B.’s Blog: Cigar Review – 1907 Dunhill Toro


Behind The Stick:
While the name Dunhill may not be instantly associated with premium hand rolled cigars, the name has carried a certain level of sophistication and “affordable luxury” within the tobacco world. I will admit that when I first heard about this cigar I instantly thought of Hunter S. Thompson and his iconic cigarette hanging from his mouth and not of the cigar portion of their business. Perhaps this is a common stigma the Premium Cigar side of the company is facing and perhaps a driving force behind the entire General Cigar “revamps” as of late. The 1907 date carries special significance, being the year that Alfred Dunhill opened his first tobacco shop in London and started the more than 100 year legacy that we now know as “Dunhill”. Thankfully enough this not another cigar that is dedicated to a specific anniversary but rather dedicated to the legacy of the brand itself. Without any further delay – onto the review!

Size: Toro 6 x 54 ( Box Pres )

Wrapper: Honduran Olancho

Binder and Filler:  Dominican Olor Binder and Dominican Ligero and Brazilian Mata Fina Filler

Strength: Medium to Full

Price: $6.22/ea – $112 a Box of 18 – https://www.cigarbandits.com/product/1907-by-dunhill-cigars/

Factory / Country of Origin: General Cigar Dominicana / Dominican Republic

Release Type: Regular Releas

Release Date: May, 2014


Evenly packed from head to foot, this box pressed toro not only carried a feeling of ‘class’ but it just felt well balanced in the hand. A mocha-tan Honduran Olancho wrapper encompasses this cigar, the veins and seams are easily visible but not prominent enough to cause any issues and to be honest, give the cigar a level of character that may otherwise be missing. The off colored band also caught my eye, the logo and font nice but the textured background gave the band an almost papyrus like appearance. They say life is all about the small things – while it didn’t have anything to do with how the cigar smoked, I liked it.

The 1907 Dunhill Toro comes right out the gate with a rush of pepper followed by a core of earth and what I can only describe as ‘refined’ tobacco flavor with a wood, almost cedar hint on the retrohale. This sweet and spicy combination builds on itself, small variations within intensity but no real flavor note changes, the first third is much like a prelude to a story, a slow and progressive build up. The 2nd third comes around with a drop of the ash and a nutty, peppery note overpowering the previous earth and wood core. The final third brought about another drop of the ash and a slow but progressive build up of earthy, savory and dark tones that were bordering on tar buildup flavor – similar to having the last cup of coffee from pot that has been on warm – not bad, but darker in flavor.


I know when a lot of people will first see this review they may scoff, look down or even think I am crazy for saying that this was a good cigar but like a few other cigars I parallel this to a comparison of a McDonalds burger to a Gourmet burger – while both composed of the same core “flavors” one carries a certain level of superiority, refinement or character that is specific until itself. I hate to use the term ‘better’ but hell – this cigar is just flat out better than most cigars within it’s price and availability range. This is not a cigar that I would go out and purchase a box of, but this is a cigar that I feel has earned a 5 pack spot within my humidor – a cigar I can go back to when I am looking for a consistent, flavorful while not the most complex of smokes. There is nothing really ‘amazing’ about the 1907 Dunhill Toro but it is ‘done right’ in every aspect. If you have not given these a chance, drop the 5 bucks and pick one up – if you have had one please let us know your thoughts!

Every Cigar Has A Story, Every Smoke A Memo

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