C.B.’s Blog: Cigar Size Basics

When talking about Cigars in a general sense, they are all pretty much the same in appearance - long and cylinder shaped. This 'tube' shape is most often referred to as a parejo, the Spanish meaning being 'flush', 'even' or 'straight', which consists of straight sides and a rounded head. The other shape is the figurado that is basically any shape of cigar that is not a parejo.

Over the years, manufacturers have further built on the figurado shape and made them into Torpedos, Belicosos, Pyramids, Perfectos and Solomons just to name a few.

When the cigar is properly described, the shape is measured by length and diameter. The length is measured in inches but the diameter is actually measured by its ring gauge which is a unit of measurement divisible by 64. I know this sounds strange and odd but keep in ind that a 64 ring gauge is equal to 1 inch in diameter. For example, a ring gauge of 48 would be 3/4 of an inch in diameter ( 48/64 ).

The below list is a small list of the majority of 'classic' vitola's. It is true that some Robusto's are 52 ring gauge or some Churchills are 7.5 inches long - but for simplicity sake we have included the more 'average' cigar sizes available.


  • Churchill: (7x48)
  • Corona: (5.5x42) - (6x44)
  • Double Corona: (7.5x49) - (8x52)
  • Lonsdale: (6.25x42) - (7x44)
  • Panatela: (5x38) - (6x38)
  • Petite Corona: (4.5x40) - (4.5x42)
  • Robusto: (4.5x50) - (5.5x50)
  • Toro, Corona, Gordo: (5x46) - (6x50)


  • Culebra: 3 panatelas twisted together
  • Diadema: (8x40) - (8x54) (closed and tapered head)
  • Pyramid: (6x40) - (7x54) (sharply tapered head and larger foot)
  • Torpedo: (6x40) - (7x54) (closed foot and a pointed head)
  • Belicoso: (5x50) - (5.5x50) (tapered head)
  • Perfecto: (4.5x38) - (9x48) (closed foot, a round head, and a bulge in the middle)

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