Who We Are



Small Business, Big Morals

Cigar Bandits is a small family run cigar retail location in the heart of America ( St. Louis, Missouri ) with one simple goal in mind - make available the worlds best premium cigars at the absolute lowest prices possible while providing a level of customer service that would make Mom proud.

Cigar Bandits has built a reputation for being a place where aficionados, fans and newcomers alike can all find what they are looking for while being a part of a community that understands and respects the Brothers and Sisters of the leaf! Unlike the 'big dogs' who have multiple shops and are worried about their overhead and making as large of a profit as they can, Cigar Bandits is entirely focused on saving you money and making your cigar purchasing experience easy and fun!
Please let us know how we can do our best to make that goal our and your reality. We would be honored to earn your business.

Our History

2003 -

David -  better known as Bandit or Don Diego - started smoking cigars off and on and quickly became entranced by the leaf - from the community to news to events and everything in between.

2007 -

After finding the woman of my dreams and proposing - I realized it would be prudent to find a way to ensure my cigar smoking habit would not come under scrutiny or heaven forbid, advised to curtail or cease - I created a Cigar Review website, The Cigar Nut, that still operates to this day specializing in Cigar Reviews and Cigar News.

2009 -

The Cigar Nut takes off and I started doing a little freelance writing for a few retail and manufacturer sites focusing on producing social media content, copyright research, product descriptions, product reviews and blend tasting reviews.

2012 -

The very early stages of Cigar Bandits began - learning, sharing, learning, making mistakes, learning a little more and getting a firm understanding of the retail side of the Tobacco Industry. The energy and fun of the entire process took over, 7 day work weeks and long hours became standard and even enjoyed.

2014 -

Like any person in similar shoes, I was made an offer I couldn't refuse and sold out - during this time I took some time off, relaxed and expanded my family to include a lovely little girl and handsome young man.

2016 -

You can never keep a good Cowboy down, but would you really want to? The Cigar Bandits website was completely redone, reopened by the original owner and returned to the 'days of old' both with the classic Steals, low prices, large selection and customer service you all have come to love and expect from Cigar Bandits.

Why Buy From Cigar Bandits

With So Many Options, Why Us?

We understand that there is a lot of competition out there for your business and when I am asked 'Why Cigar Bandits' the best and most honest answer I can give is that we truly appreciate your business. Your order isn't just a number that goes through 12 people's hands before being shipped out. Your order isn't a 'metric' for growth. Your experience reflects on our abilities, not the other way around. Your order has not been marked up 250% so the boss can take a month long vacation or buy a new fancy car.

  • Over a decade of industry experience
  • Small, family operated tobacconist
  • Customer Service Guarantee
  • Focused on repeat customers not a one time sale
  • Full Service Tobacconist from start to finish
  • Safe and Secure Checkout

Browse our huge inventory full of boutique, legacy, old, new and unique cigars for your smoking pleasure. We are committed to offering you the best possible experience including the best customer service in the industry, PC, Mac and Mobile friendly website, quick and affordable shipping ( USA, International and APO/FPO shipping available! ) and of course prices so low you'll feel like a bandit!

Our Team

  • Bandit

    He is the Bandit. What more do you need to know? If there is something that needs to be taken care of or acquired, contact Bandit.

  • George

    George is the kinda guy who would help you out of a tough spot but also like to be the guy who may have put you there in the first place!

  • Lacey

    There are those who have a number of names for this young lady -- we call her Lacey. Kind, Lethal and not bad on he eyes - just don't tell her that...

  • Walcott

    When it comes to putting numbers in the right place, Walcott is just the guy to make sure it's never questioned. Honest, loyal and effective, just hope you never have to find out what is sharper than his wit.


Have you ever just wanted to talk to a retailer about recommendations, new cigars on the market or speak to a real person if you do have any issue or request about your order? We have multiple ways you can speak with a knowledgeable tobacconist to help with any of your cigar related needs.
Wanting to figure out some of the tricks of the trade, what that new cigar on the market is all about, what we recommend a box of or just a single or just want some entertaining articles? Cigar Bandits is dedicated to providing you with all of this and more!
Need to contact us directly? Please feel free to email us at info@cigarbandits.com and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can!